Welcome to Bay Motor Products, Inc.. We are a manufacturer of a 2-pole, sub-fractional horse power, A.C. motor used in various applications such as battery chargers, welders, duct boosters, refrigerators and microwave ovens to name a few. Over the last few years we have diversified our product line to include air moving assemblies. We are specializing our production to assist our customers assembly process with items such as Tagential, Centrifugal and Cross flow blowers and Axial flow assemblies. These assemblies are used in such products as vending machines, electric heaters, tanning beds, fireplace inserts, residential and commercial ovens. Please feel free to browse or challenge us to solve your motor requirements.

     Our shaded pole motors are designed and engineered for original equipment manufacturers where quiet trouble free service is a requirement. Let our engineering staff design the motor or supplement your design team for new or existing applications.

     Bay Motor Products, Inc. offers customer service and quality while being cost competitive. Our production lines can be quickly changed over for large or small quantity deliveries. As a company based on our customers we look for long-term relationships.




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